SaxOnTheWeb - "Destroyed My Sax" Grandstander Comments

Are you not entertained?


Those who live vicariously through my creative efforts have demanded I respond to some of the SOTW "Destroyed My Sax" grandstander comments. I agree. They are deserving.


JazzIsAll (Michael Rosenthal)

Thank-you Michael for providing the complete multi-volume, JIA "Encyclopedia of Paranoid K-Mart Shoppers' Expectations" Reference Series. If it serves to keep it's subscribers from emailing me, it is truely a blessing.


saxtek (Randy Emerick) - Link to Posting

Conversely, I will be honest with you, Randy Emerick. The reason I am posting an open message to you here is so that everyone else will read it. If that is the most creative excuse you can come up with for making a, "New Product and Services" plug in my Roasting thread, you owe me 30% of everything it brings in. (I did email you about soldering something on a client's horn once, but not for any other reason than you live in the same town that he does.).

Thanks for the insight into the job of the "repairman" - an honorable profession. As usual though, your comments have more to do with establishing your identity than they do with actually providing an insight into the facts of the matter at hand.

I'll share something with you from my profession. The creative designer, innovator, and artist makes a point of nurturing and taking advantage of their higher instincts - the prerequisite for any "original" work. Those instincts are something the less courageous refuse to follow (in themselves) and tend to persecute in others. I design and make by hand, original keywork, acoustical refinements, hand-made mouthpieces, hand-hammered necks, and very soon, complete, hand-made saxophones. I perform original compositions.

A Tip: As the world-class player that you consider yourself to be, ask yourself honestly, what would Jaco or Basie say about you using the very same Aebersold backing tracks that every beginner and amateur on youtube uses, for your own youtube promotional videos?


More to come....